I'm Zhanna Krivich aka Zhumai, a graphic designer with 4 years of experience. I like to create icons, designs for websites and mobile apps.

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  • Hotels App
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  • Weird Coupon Proposal
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  • Qolabora IPad
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  • Instavite Riley
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  • Game UI
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Proper preview iphone 11350230619 Proper preview iphone 21350230620 Proper preview android1350230618
October 2012


Food and takeaway delivery mobile application (IPhone and Android versions). In the end you can see small infographic presentation.

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January 2012

Hotels App

Proposal for IPhone application for hotels. With this app people can find restaurants near their hotel or some other important places.

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January 2012

Weird Coupon Proposal

Proposal for IPhone application with coupons.

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Proper preview ipad qolabora61328638509 Proper preview ipad qolabora51328638510 Proper preview ipad qolabora31328638511 Proper preview ipad qolabora41328638511 Proper preview ipad qolabora21328638512 Proper preview ipad qolabora11328638513
February 2012

Qolabora IPad

Social network for companies to collaborate in teams, see what colleagues are working on, share pictures, documents and get feedback,receive updates, make audio and video calls - all in one place.

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Proper preview rilye instavite2 300x3001316034627 Proper preview invite feed1316034627 Proper preview create event21316034625 Proper preview edit an event1316034624 Proper preview info1316034621 Proper preview invite friends to an event1316034620 Proper preview invite friends to an event search1316034618 Proper preview view an event1316034617
September 2011

Instavite Riley

The idea of Instavite IPhone application is to use facebook to register and login, and then you can create events and invite your friends. Pretty simple. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/instavite/id464151243?mt=8

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Proper preview ui1411500226 Proper preview ui 21411500235
September 2014

Game UI

UI for mobile game

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