I'm Zhanna Krivich aka Zhumai, a graphic designer with 4 years of experience. I like to create icons, designs for websites and mobile apps.

  • Per aspera ad astra
  • Steampunk final13799428701379942952
  • Christmas Knitted Tree Badge
  • Knitted tree badge13618124101361812491
  • Vintage toaster
  • Vintage toaster final13402836291340283751
  • Horeca
  • Order details server13502281571350228352
  • Horeca
  • Iphone 113502306191350230711
  • Gangster
  • Gangster213502309951350231235
  • Badges
  • Badges preview13533291881353329241
  • Light pink origami bird
  • Origami sake313533369671353337036
  • Feng shui symbol Pi Yao
  • Dragon portfolio13312955011331295512
  • Real Estate
  • About flat13354610281335461162
  • Flower Applocation Icon
  • Bg13269789511326978984
  • Qolabora Desktop
  • 213303648861330364949
  • Swedish in Ausrtalia icons
  • Events calendar13159506511315950732
  • Pink origami bird
  • Origami13255347211325535075
  • Icons for building company
  • Building13159491421315949155
  • Hotels App
  • 113259770231325977059
  • Icons for consulting company
  • Consulting13159490521325534292
  • Steampunk Free Icon Set
  • Icons steampunk13159488911315948930
  • Price Tags
  • Price tags13159488201315948839
  • Graphic for online game
  • Steampunk13162996441316299684
  • Christmas Gingerbreads
  • Gingerbreads13159478461315948297
  • Weird Coupon Proposal
  • 213259779601325978101
  • Malteser
  • Maltester mainpage13160336301316033666
  • Chumack Way
  • Korisne13160332731325534224
  • Roppy Robot
  • Ruppy robot preview13160343051316034321
  • Qolabora IPad
  • Ipad qolabora313286385111328638547
  • Nabambetli
  • Nabambetli mainpage13160332041316033217
  • Instavite Riley
  • Rilye instavite2 300x30013160346271316034635
  • Origami bird
  • Bird13162995021316299511
  • Ilustrations
  • F 4b0180f30d21313159505781315950586
  • Classic pricing tables
  • Tables preview13533291121353329126
  • Startupline
  •   02 813160297071325534333
  • Jewellery Butik "Collection"
  • Jbk main13159511061315951128
  • ILM
  • Ilu languages13159509481315951019
  • Elita-nova
  • Elita nova logo13159508581315950915
  • Swimming pool
  • Swimming pool14052741891405274211
  • Game UI
  • Ui 214115002351411500263
  • Illustrating programming challenges
  • N mod m114115010131411501994
  • Recovery application
  • Mobile calendar attach14281319611428132272
  • Game art
  • Zhanna keyart14321925511432192591
  • Concept art
  • Zhanna keyart14321926081432192663
  • Magic wood
  • Max course14321926951432192701
  • Concept art of futuristic technic
  • Futuristic techniq14321927911432192838
  • Autumn artbook 2015
  • 029ebd0ad9964c5d2c1520d846bfce3914411192381441119291
Proper preview steampunk final1379942870
September 2013

Per aspera ad astra

Trying something new, playing with textures.

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Proper preview knitted tree badge1361812410
February 2013

Christmas Knitted Tree Badge

Christmas Knitted Tree Badge will perfectly suit for your website or mobile application. Full layered PSD-file, 72 dpi screen resolution and vector knitted texture .ai-file.

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Proper preview vintage toaster final1340283629
June 2012

Vintage toaster

Illustration was made in Photoshop. You can see reference here https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-1RZlnLCXfOI/T7Eeqe6PSwI/AAAAAAAAAXc/G-g6IFsO1Hg/s607/refrence.png.

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Proper preview favorities1350228151 Proper preview lists of restaurants1350228153 Proper preview mainpage21350228154 Proper preview menu1350228155 Proper preview order details server1350228157 Proper preview order details1350228156 Proper preview orders1350228158 Proper preview orders server1350228159 Proper preview orders popup1350228160
October 2012


Food and takeaway delivery system for restaurants and customers.

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Proper preview iphone 11350230619 Proper preview iphone 21350230620 Proper preview android1350230618
October 2012


Food and takeaway delivery mobile application (IPhone and Android versions). In the end you can see small infographic presentation.

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Proper preview gangster21350230995
October 2012


My first experience in character illustration.

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Proper preview badges preview1353329188
November 2012


A nice collection of 3 Handcrafted Delicious Badges will suit great for your website, special offers or brochures. You’ll find full layered PSD file, 3 badges in PNG and text file with font’s links. http://graphicriver.net/item/3-handcrafted-delicious-badges/3415129?WT.ac=portfolio&WT.seg_1=portfolio&WT.z_author=zhumai

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Proper preview origami sake31353336967
November 2012

Light pink origami bird

One more origami bird

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Proper preview dragon portfolio1331295501
March 2012

Feng shui symbol Pi Yao

This illustration was made just for fun and training).

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Proper preview mainpage1335461026 Proper preview flat user1335461798 Proper preview about flat1335461799 Proper preview calendar1335461034 Proper preview comments1335461033 Proper preview messeges open1335461032 Proper preview messeges1335461030
April 2012

Real Estate

Big real estate portal. Easy way to find a home or just casually browse homes for sale.

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Proper preview bg1326978951
January 2012

Flower Applocation Icon

Flower Applocation Icon for IPhone, BlackBerry, WP7

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Proper preview 21330364886 Proper preview 11330364887 Proper preview 31330364885 Proper preview 41330364884 Proper preview 51330364884 Proper preview 61330364883 Proper preview 71330364882 Proper preview 81330364881
February 2012

Qolabora Desktop

Social network for companies to collaborate in teams, see what colleagues are working on, share pictures, documents and get feedback,receive updates, make audio and video calls - all in one place.

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Proper preview events calendar1315950651 Proper preview tourists1315950663 Proper preview social network1315950661 Proper preview weblog1315950660 Proper preview budgeting money matters1315950659 Proper preview moving to australia1315950657 Proper preview news1315950656 Proper preview forum community1315950655 Proper preview photos1315950654 Proper preview flight tickets1315950653 Proper preview backpakers1315950664 Proper preview visa passports1315950650 Proper preview groups organisations1315950649
September 2011

Swedish in Ausrtalia icons

Icons for "Swedish in Ausrtalia" portal.

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Proper preview origami1325534721
January 2012

Pink origami bird

Next pink glamour origami bird, I has drawn it in Photoshop with vector shapes and some brush drawing.

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Proper preview building1315949142
September 2011

Icons for building company

Icons for building company

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Proper preview 11326113491 Proper preview 31326113493 Proper preview 21326113492
January 2012

Hotels App

Proposal for IPhone application for hotels. With this app people can find restaurants near their hotel or some other important places.

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Proper preview consulting1315949052
September 2011

Icons for consulting company

Icons for consulting company

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Proper preview icons steampunk1315948891
September 2011

Steampunk Free Icon Set

Steampunk Free Icon Set.Download here

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Proper preview price tags1315948820
September 2011

Price Tags

A set of 10 price tags with different texture to make a unique design for your online-shop. All elements are layered. http://graphicriver.net/item/price-tags/156789

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Proper preview tree1316299640 Proper preview ctrl1316299646 Proper preview cosmo1316299645 Proper preview 11316299642 Proper preview steampunk1316299644 Proper preview apple1316299643 Proper preview unique processors31316299654 Proper preview ingredients21316299653 Proper preview monitors1316299656 Proper preview unique processors big1316299652 Proper preview keyboard1316299654 Proper preview system blocks1316299655 Proper preview unique monitors1316299650 Proper preview unique system blocks1316299649 Proper preview processors1316299648
September 2011

Graphic for online game

Some graphic for online game from social network.

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Proper preview gingerbreads1315947846
September 2011

Christmas Gingerbreads

Gingerbread icon set to make christmas mood for your website. http://graphicriver.net/item/christmas-gingerbreads/145827

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Proper preview 31326113559 Proper preview 11326113556 Proper preview 21326113557
January 2012

Weird Coupon Proposal

Proposal for IPhone application with coupons.

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Proper preview maltester mainpage1316033630 Proper preview do1316033566 Proper preview about us1316033563 Proper preview 0  5b01316033560 Proper preview help1316033557 Proper preview maltester insidepage1316033554 Proper preview contact1316033551
September 2011


Website for Malteser charity organization from Lviv. Made in Bambuk studio. http://malteser.ua/

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Proper preview korisne1316033273 Proper preview zaglushka21316033275 Proper preview   b8  87 2891316033271 Proper preview . 848g5a 891316033269 Proper preview mainpage blog31316033267
September 2011

Chumack Way

Website for first ukrainian consulting company for small business. Made in Qubstudio. http://chumakway.com/

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Proper preview ruppy robot preview1316034305
September 2011

Roppy Robot

Splash screen for IOS game.

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Proper preview ipad qolabora61328638509 Proper preview ipad qolabora51328638510 Proper preview ipad qolabora31328638511 Proper preview ipad qolabora41328638511 Proper preview ipad qolabora21328638512 Proper preview ipad qolabora11328638513
February 2012

Qolabora IPad

Social network for companies to collaborate in teams, see what colleagues are working on, share pictures, documents and get feedback,receive updates, make audio and video calls - all in one place.

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Proper preview nabambetli mainpage1316033204 Proper preview nabambetli discount1316033201
September 2011


Promo-website for small cozy cafe in the centre of Lviv. Made in Qubstudio. http://nabambetli.com/about/

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Proper preview rilye instavite2 300x3001316034627 Proper preview invite feed1316034627 Proper preview create event21316034625 Proper preview edit an event1316034624 Proper preview info1316034621 Proper preview invite friends to an event1316034620 Proper preview invite friends to an event search1316034618 Proper preview view an event1316034617
September 2011

Instavite Riley

The idea of Instavite IPhone application is to use facebook to register and login, and then you can create events and invite your friends. Pretty simple. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/instavite/id464151243?mt=8

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Proper preview bird1316299502
September 2011

Origami bird

Drawing and retoushing of origami paper bird.See photo refrence here

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Proper preview f 4b018127348271315950579 Proper preview f 4b0180f30d2131315950578 Proper preview f 4b0181f9737131315950576
September 2011


Illustrations for architecture portal.

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Proper preview tables preview1353329112
September 2011

Classic pricing tables

Classic pricing tables with different textures will be useful for your website. 4 styles, well organized layers. 793×1850 px dimensions. You can buy the collection here http://graphicriver.net/item/classic-pricing-tables/235731

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Proper preview   02 81316029707 Proper preview topcomments1316029704 Proper preview    8abc20g81316029702 Proper preview    381316029699
September 2011


Startups and investors network. Made in Qubsttudio. http://startupline.org/

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Proper preview jbk main1315951106 Proper preview jbk butik  0  01315951108
September 2011

Jewellery Butik "Collection"

Promo-website for jewellery butik "Collection". Made in Qubstudio. http://jbk.com.ua/

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Proper preview ilu languages1315950948 Proper preview ilu main61315950950
September 2011


Website for Institute of managment and leadership. Made in Bambuk studio. http://www.management.lviv.ua/

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Proper preview elita nova logo1315950858 Proper preview inside pages1315950855
September 2011


Tour operator's website.Made in Bambuk studio. http://www.e-nova.com.ua/

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Proper preview swimming pool1405274189
July 2014

Swimming pool

Playing with textures

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Proper preview ui1411500226 Proper preview ui 21411500235
September 2014

Game UI

UI for mobile game

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Proper preview n mod m11411501013 Proper preview repeated substring1405274454 Proper preview reverse and add1405274453 Proper preview discount offers1405274454 Proper preview computer terminal1405274455 Proper preview post1405274456 Proper preview da vinci11405274457 Proper preview number pairs1411501017 Proper preview pascals triangle1411501020 Proper preview post  1 1411501023 Proper preview query board1411501026 Proper preview remove characters1411501030 Proper preview sextant1411501035 Proper preview shortest repetition1411501039 Proper preview stack implementation1411501045 Proper preview sudoku1411501048 Proper preview sum of integers1411501051 Proper preview word to digit1411501055 Proper preview bit positions1411501057 Proper preview capitalize words1411501062 Proper preview cash register1411501065 Proper preview cryp1411501069 Proper preview detecting cycles1411501072 Proper preview discount offers1411501076 Proper preview eggs1411501078 Proper preview endianness1411501082 Proper preview flavius josephus1411501086 Proper preview interrupted bubble sorting1411501090 Proper preview jam1411501093 Proper preview lockes1411501095 Proper preview lost in translation1411501098 Proper preview minimum coins1411501102 Proper preview mixed content1411501105 Proper preview multiples of a number1411501109
July 2014

Illustrating programming challenges

Some of illustrations for programming challenges. Quite interesting and difficult, because most of challenges are about some abstract and mathematical formulas.

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Proper preview mobile calendar attach1428131961
April 2015

Recovery application

Skiing and other extreme sports are great. However sometimes it can be painful and bring injures, which needs to be treated. This application will help to make exercise in physical therapy in a right way and not to forget about them. Here is Behance presentation https://www.behance.net/gallery/23583533/Recovery-Application

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Proper preview zhanna keyart1432192608
May 2015

Concept art

Concept art illustration from art battle "Draw or die!" in Lviv

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Proper preview max course1432192695
May 2015

Magic wood

Illustration from course by Max Kozhevnikov "Environment art"

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Proper preview futuristic techniq1432192791 Proper preview roboto copy1432192795
May 2015

Concept art of futuristic technic

Works from master class by Svyatoslav Kholod about futuristic technic

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Proper preview 2d738b4164003bf5db53aaeedd0cf41a1441119200 Proper preview 029ebd0ad9964c5d2c1520d846bfce391441119238 Proper preview 9530b45ee4c782d2b7027962390566121441119240 Proper preview 3260da2a07876b1785faab3eb37afefa1441119242 Proper preview 3d83bc970c1d606e6d07342ff7d2d0a21441119243 Proper preview 45977b158d4a0752b62bb08c08ca3db91441119244
September 2015

Autumn artbook 2015

Autumn artbook 2015

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